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The following video demonstrates how to setup missing object detection using NUUO DVR cards and IP camera license. NUUO surveillance systems allow you to configure the software to detect when defined objects are removed from areas being monitored by your surveillance system. This is a very useful feature for many different types of surveillance applications.

Video Transcript Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series. In this video, we will demonstrate the missing object detection capability of NUUO DVR cards and NUUO IP camera software.
  1. Start by clicking on the guard button on the NUUO main console.
  2. Choose the camera that you want to configure and click on the event button.
  3. On the event screen, select missing object and press OK.
  4. Next, define the object that you want to track by clicking and dragging your mouse around it.
  5. Then click region 1.
  6. We will set the sensitivity all the way up and the interval all the way down for this demo. Press OK when you are done configuring.
  7. Then press OK again.
  8. Start the missing object detection by clicking on the start button and select start smart guard system.
Notice when the man removes the defined object, that the missing object alarm is triggered.

We hope that demonstration taught you how to setup and use the object missing alarm built into NUUO DVR card and NVR software. For more information, please visit Thank You for watching.