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Surveillance DVR Setup Video

The following video demonstrates how to initially setup CCTV Camera Pros H.264 4 channel digital video recorder.

Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instructions series.  In this video we will cover the initial setup of our four channel H.264 stand alone economy DVR.

  1. You should start by connecting the DVR to a monitor and the security cameras that you will use with your surveillance system.
  2. Next, plug the power cable into the DVR and connect to a power source.  The DVR will boot up and you should see a live view of your cameras on the screen. 
  3. Press the menu button on the DVR or remote control.  When prompt for the password, just press enter as there is no password setup yet.
  4. First we will setup the date of the DVR.  Select configuration from the main menu, then select time/date setup.
  5. On the time/date setup screen choose the date format that you want to use, then setup the time and date.  You can use the mouse, wireless remote control, or the keys on the DVR itself to do all of this.
  6. When you are done, click on the ESC text or click the menu button on the DVR or remote.
  7. Next we will initialize the hard drive.  From the configuration menu select HDD management. 
  8. On the HDD management screen select and click clear.  When prompt for the password, click enter.
  9. Click ESC or press the menu button to go back to the configuration screen. 
  10. Click ESC again to go back to the main menu.
  11. Select Record from the main menu, then select record setup.
  12. On the record setup screen you can adjust the quality and framerate setting of the DVR.  Notice that when you adjust these settings the time remaining fields adjust in real time to show you how many days, hours, and minutes, that the hard drive will support with the current settings.  With a 500GB hard drive this DVR supports between 24 and 159 days of recording. 
  13. Press ESC  when you are done.  
  14. Next select Schedule setup. 
  15. On this screen, you can setup the DVR to record continuously, on motion activation, on alarm activation, or on motion or alarm activation.  There is a color coded legend on the bottom of this screen which show what the different colors mean.  You can select each two hour increment of each day of the week to specify and of the record modes.  You can also click on the ALL text to change all hours and days together.
  16. When you are done click on the ESC text. 
  17. Click ESC two more times to exit the menu system and return to the live view of your cameras.
  18. Notice the menu buttons in the middle of the screen.  Using the mouse, you can select these by pointing and clicking on them.
  19. To remove the button menu from the screen, press and hold the menu button on the DVRs key pad.
We hope that this video has helped to demonstrate the easy initial setup of CCTV Camera Pros 4 channel H.264 DVR.  If you have any questions, please visit and contact us.

Thank You for watching.