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iPhone and Android Mobile App Remote Access

How-to setup the mobile app to view iDVR-PRO HD security camera DVRs.

The iPhone and Android mobile apps for iDVR-PRO HD security camera DVRs allow users to remotely log in to their DVR to view their security cameras live. In addition to the live view, the iPhone and Android app also supports recorded video playback and push notifications that can be triggered by motion detection and other alarm events.

Connect DVR to Internet

In order to access your DVR and view your security cameras remotely from the mobile apps, you must first connect your DVR to the Internet. Using a network cable, connect your DVR to your network router. There is an Ethernet port on the back of the DVR. These instructions assume that you have a high-speed internet connection that is connected to a network router.

Setup Port Forwarding

Next, follow these instructions to setup port forwarding on your router.

Setup DDNS

If your Internet connection uses a dynamic IP address, you must setup DDNS. If you are unsure if your ISP provides you with a static or dynamic IP address, you should call to ask them. If you use a dynamic IP address, follow these instructions to setup DDNS on your DVR. If you use a static IP address, you can skip this step.

Download Mobile App

The original iDVR-PRO Viewer app is being replaced by nViewer for Sequrinet. The nViewer app is identical to the original iDVR-PRO Viewer app but the nViewer app supports mobile push notifications. You can download the latest nViewer apps here.

Account Sign-up

If you plan on using the push notification feature, you must sign up for a Sequrinet account. After you launch the mobile app, tap on the Login for Sequrinet. Then tap Sign up. If you do not plan on setting up push, you can skip this step and jump to the Configure DVR section below.

Mobile Push App Sign Up

On the sign-up screen choose a User ID, password, and contact email address. Please keep close track of the user ID that you choose because once it is assigned to your DVR, it can not be changed. This User ID is only for the push notification service. It has nothing to do with the administrator login(s) on your DVR.

App Login

Launch the app and tap on Sequrinet login. Use the User ID and password that you registered to login.

Configure DVR

To configure your DVR in the app, tap on the plus "+" icon in the lower right to add a DVR.

Mobile Push Notification App - Surveillance DVR Connection Settings

On the Add DVR screen, enter the following configuration settings.

  • DVR / NVR Nickname - You can choose any name for your DVR. E.G. Home DVR, Office Security Cameras, etc.
  • MAC | DDNS/IP - Tap on the DDNS/IP option.
  • IP Address or Domain Name - If you setup DDNS, enter the hostname name that you configured in the DDNS setup here. It will be something like "". If your Internet connection uses a static IP address or if you are connecting using a local area network IP address, you can enter the IP address here.
  • HTTP Port - The default HTTP port is 8080.
  • RTSP Port - The default RTSP port is 5554.
  • DVR / NVR ID - The default ID is ADMIN - all caps.
  • DVR / NVR Password - The default password is a1111111. That is an "a" followed by seven ones. Older model DVRs have a default password of 1234. You should change this on the DVR before you put your DVR into a production security environment.
  • Auto Login - Check this if you want to log into your DVR automatically when you start the app.

Login to DVR

Security Camera Viewer iPhone App

To login to your DVR, tap on the name of the connection that you want to launch. I typically have two connections set up for my DVR. I use one to connect to my DVR on the LAN when I am on site with the DVR and the other for remote access when I am not at work. I do this because typically you can not access your DVR using the remote connection when your mobile device is on the same wireless network as your DVR.

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