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Security Camera Push Notification

Mobile App Push Notification Setup for Viewtron DVRs and NVRs

Watch this video to learn how to setup mobile app push notifications for Viewtron surveillance systems. This concepts and setup in this video are applicable to Viewtron hybrid security camera DVRs and Viewtron IP camera NVRs. Although the iPhone app is being used in the video, setup process is the same for the Android Mobile App.

Security Camera Push Notification

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Video Transcript

Here is a complete text transcript of the above video on how-to setup mobile app push notifications from Viewtron security camera DVRs and NVRs/

Hi Everyone, Mike from CCTV Camera Pros here. Today I'm going to show you how to set up mobile push notifications using the Viewtron security camera system at my house.

I'm going to use that Viewtron IP camera that you see behind me. I have it connected to a Viewtron NVR upstairs in my loft and i'm going to set up an intrusion zone right here around my front door area so that when someone comes into this area I get a push notification on the iPhone app. It works the same for the Android app. I'm going to run you through the setup on the NVR software first and then do a demo of the whole thing. Let's get started. I'm logged into my NVR now and this is a live view of all my security cameras. This is the camera that monitors my front door.

This is the one that i'm going to set up the intrusion zone for that will send me the push notification. I select settings from the main menu and then go into the AI / event area. From here I'm going to select people / vehicle detection and then the front door camera is already selected. And the type of alarm I'm setting up is intrusion. First thing I do is check this enable detection by IP camera box, and then I can draw the intrusion zone. I'm using the mouse that's connected to the NVR. Just by pointing and clicking and connecting these dots so there's my intrusion zone. I'm going to hit apply and then next. I click on this trigger mode tab and then I want to make sure that push is checked and I also check snapshot and click apply. p>

Next I'm going to go into the push notification area so that I can tell the NVR what schedule that I want the push messages sent on. First thing, I enable push notifications here and then you can see you can set up there's some default schedules, like 24 / 7 weekdays, weekends, and you can set up custom schedules as well. For this test I'm just going to set up a 24 / 7 detection. I just run a test and make sure the communication with the push notification server is working. And then I can x out of there. Next, I'm going to enable push notifications in the mobile app.

To do this, I tap on the configuration icon in the upper left and then select push setting. By default, all of these will be unsubscribed or turned off. The home remote is the device that I'm using, and this is the state you'll most likely find yours in by default. To enable push you want to put that slider on and then if you want a live view of the camera when you get the push notification. Select live here or if you want to go directly to recorded playback you could select remote playback. I prefer live. When you're done tap on that disk icon to save your settings in the upper right then tap the back arrow, and the back arrow again, and the settings will be saved and push notifications are now enabled.

Last let's do a test of the push notification now that it's set up. I'm going to approach the front door and I am going to put my iPhone over here on the left hand side of the screen. You'll see that as I cross into the intrusion zone, I get the push notification on my phone and then when I tap on the push message it opens up the app in the live security camera view just as we configured it. And, there we go. Test well done I want to mention a couple other things about push notifications before I wrap up this video. First of all, that was a 4k IP camera at my front door. I was using a traditional IP camera not an AI camera. If you've been watching the other videos on the channel or following me you know I've been making a ton of videos about AI cameras, which are are also IP cameras but they have built in artificial intelligence, specifically object detection. Why am I bringing that up? The nonAI cameras like the one i was just using is using video motion to detect when someone intrudes into those detection zones but what's even more reliable is if you use one of our AI cameras and do human object detection going into an intrusion zone.

Also, in addition to intrusion detection you can use any of the alarms built into these Viewtron systems for for triggering a push notification. For example, you may want to set up an external alarm sensor using the alarm inputs on the DVR / NVR. For example, a passive infrared motion detector or a window or door sensor you can connected to the alarm inputs on the DVR to trigger alarms. One alarm type could be a push notification like we just did.

I'll be making more videos about this. There is a lot to cover. These Viewtron systems have a ton of features built in. And also, the DVRs with the BNC cameras can be used to send push notifications as well. You can not send push notifications directly from ip cameras if you're not using recorder. If you want to learn more about this first off feel free to email me anytime you can reach me directly at If you want to learn more specifically about push notifications with these Viewtron systems please visit Thank you for watching!