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GNC StoreRetail Store CCTV Installation - GNC Lake Worth

CCTV Camera Pros in Lake Worth Florida installed the following CCTV system at the GNC store on Lantana Road and Jog road in the Home Depot and Publix shopping plaza on July 14.  This installation was a 2 camera surveillance system that utilized the following equipment:

Infrared CCTV Camera
One BIPRO-9007 Infrared Security Camera

Infrared Security Camera
One BIPRO-92R49 Infrared Security Camera

Surveillance DVR
One MP Series 4 channel Surveillance DVR

100ft CCTV Cables
Two sets 100 foot CCTV Cables

CCTV Installation Images

The owner of the store requested to have surveillance video coverage at front door and cash register.  The security cameras were mounted to the ceiling tiles and the CCTV cables were run above the tiles and out of view.  This is what the cameras looked like mounted to the ceiling of the store in the locations to view the cash register and from door:

CCTV Camera Ceiling Mount

CCTV Camera Mounted to Ceiling Tile

Security Camera Ceiling Mounted

Security Camera ceiling Tile Mounted 

Surveillance DVR Network Viewer

A linksys router was installed to network the DVR and a PC.  This allowed the owner to view the cameras from the computer using remote viewer software. Here is what the images look like from the remote network viewer that comes with the MP44 surveillance DVR.

Click on the above images for a larger view.

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