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View CCTV Security Cameras from Multiple remote DVR Locations

View CCTV security cameras installed at multiple remote DVR locations with iDVR-PRO CMS software for Windows PCs. CMS software is basically surveillance DVR viewer software that can connect to more than one DVR simultaneously. This software is included with all iDVR-PRO CCTV DVRs.

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Video Transcript

In this video I demonstrate how to remotely view security cameras that are installed at different locations using the iDVR-PRO CMS software for Windows. I will be connecting to two separate systems in this demo. First I have CCTV cameras mounted on my house that are connected to an iDVR-PRO 16A model surveillance DVR, and I have a similar setup at the office where we also have cameras recording to an iDVR-PRO.

To get started I'm going to double click on the iDVR-PRO CMS icon to launch the software. Once it starts up it prompts you for a login. I'm going to use the default admin user. Additional users can be set up for limited views and things like that. We're not going to go into that in this video. First screen you're brought to is the setup screen. If not, click on the setup tab and then that configuration gear. Go down to this configuration window and click on the configuration folder. Then click add. We're going to add our first DVR.

The first one I'm going to add is the DVR at the office so I'm just going to name this device office and add the host name, where it's located, the port that it's running on, and then the admin user ID and password, and leave the auto connection checkbox checked. Click okay; that one's added. I'm going to add the second one, which is my home surveillance system. I'll call that one home and I'll enter the host name where that DVR is located, the port it's running on, and the admin user ID and password, and leave auto connection checked. Click okay.

Then when I click apply down here in the lower right the software will connect to both of those devices. It will say connected in that device data field. If not, you might have entered some information wrong so just double check that. Then I'm going to come over here to the views and I'm going to create a private view. I click on that folder and then click on a new group. I'm going to call this group home plus office. Then within a group you can configure one or more views. The first view that I'm going to configure is going to be a six camera view. It's going to consist of three cameras from the office surveillance system, so I'll choose three cameras there, and then also three cameras from the home surveillance system, so I'll choose three of the cameras from my home system.

After the view is configured you can test it by clicking on the live tab in the upper left, and the software connects to those DVRs and shows the live streaming view from all six cameras that are configured. I can get a bigger view if I want by hiding that menu on the left by clicking on the arrow. Then I can bring that menu back just by clicking on it again and it expands again. Let's configure a couple additional views in that private group.

If I go in here I can just configure additional views. I click on that plus box and then I'm going to configure a three camera view. I'll name this office only. Then you can go down to your camera list and choose the cameras you want for this view, so we'll choose the office DVR, and I'll choose the same three cameras that are in the office plus home view. Then I select the group again. I'm going to create a third view; also that consists of three cameras. These cameras will be from the home surveillance system so I'll call this home only. If I expand the home DVR I'll choose three cameras from it. If I click on the live tab there's the three cameras at the home surveillance system. If I click on the office only tab it will display the cameras from the office surveillance system. Then if I want to see cameras from both I can click on the office plus home view, which shows the original six cameras we configured.

I just realized I have a typo so I'm going to go back into setup and change that to office plus home like it should be. I'll go back to my live view. You can see the software is extremely responsive. There's Chris walking around in our tech area like he does a lot when he's on the phone with customers. That's it. I'm going to shut the software down. It just takes a minute to close, that that's it.

In addition to the remote live camera view, the iDVR-PRO CMS also supports the ability to play back recorded video. This and other features will be covered in additional videos that we'll add to the iDVR-PRO playlist on YouTube as well as on the iDVR-PRO webpage. To learn more about iDVR-PRO surveillance DVRs, please visit Thank you for watching.

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