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Record Disk Setup | iDVR-E Video Surveillance DVR

Alarm Triggered Video Surveillance RecordingThis article explains how to setup a hard drive for recording on the iDVR-E video surveillance DVR. This process can also be used to clear data from an existing iDVR-E hard drive.

Record Disk Setup

The instructions below explain how to format the hard drive for recording on the iDVR-E. Please Note: Recording must be disabled in order to format the drive.

  1. Press the Menu button on the iDVR-E. Then select Setup. (Shown Below)

  2. Now select the Disk icon. (Shown Below)

  3. Under the Disk Manager tab, make sure the hard drive you wish to format is checked. Then to the right of Action, select Assign to Record Disk. Press Start to begin the format process. You will be prompted to begin, select Yes. A progress bar will appear once started. (Shown Below)

  4. If the format was successful, Format Complete will appear in place of the progress bar and the drive will disappear from the list. Now move over one tab to Recording Disk, your newly formatted hard drive should have a status of Stable. The drive is now ready to record. (Shown Below)

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