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How to Crimp F Connector to RG59 Coax Cable

This video demonstrates how to attach a crimp-on type F connector to RG59 coaxial cable. A BNC screw-on connector is also attached to the F connector for use in CCTV installations but this part is optional.

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In this video I'll show you how to attach a crimp-on-type F connector to RG-59 coax cable. Please note that the process is exactly the same to attach crimp-on F connectors to RG-6 coax cable. I'll also attach a BNC screw-on connector to the F connector for use in CCTV camera installations.

The first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to grab my RG-59 cable and I'm going to use a TL-22 cable stripper and insert it into the side labeled cable. You want to insert it to the exact length of the tool, so that's about flush right there. That will give you the cuts in the exact location that you need, and the blades come adjusted from the factory at the exact height. Two full spins should be good. You'll see two cuts in the cable. The first one strips away everything, just leaving the center core of the coax cable. The second cut only cuts through the outer plastic jacket, leaving the copper-braided shield and the dielectric insulator.

The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to peel back all of the copper-braided shielding. You do not want any of this left touching the dielectric insulator and absolutely none of it touching the center core, so peel it all back so it's nice and clean like this. Then I'm going to grab the F connector. The dielectric insulator and the center core go into that center cylinder and then the copper braiding is on the outside like this. You'll have to give this some good pushes and twists to get it all the way on. You basically want the dielectric insulator flush like that against the wall of the F connector. Make sure that's flush. It's okay if it's sticking out a little bit. You just don't want it below there.

Then I'm going to grab the TL-70 crimping tool and use the largest setting on it, which is .324". I'm going to insert the F connector into the crimping tool and then firmly with both hands clamp down on it. It ratchets all the way and then when it's all the way ratcheted it will release. Then you should have a nice snug F connector connection. Give it a couple of tugs just to confirm. Then last, this part's optional. We're going to use this for a CCTV application so I'm going to add a BNC connector on top of the F connector. I'm using a screw-on BNC connector. Now I can connect this cable to a CCTV camera, DVR, or monitor.

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How to Connect F Connector to RG59 Coaxial

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