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Nuuo Main ConsoleNuuo Titan NVR Remote Playback iPhone

The instructions featured in this article explain how to remotely playback previously recorded video from the Nuuo Titan NVR using the Nuuo iViewer iPhone / iPad application. The examples in this article were done using an NT-4040 NUUO Titan Network Video Recorder

1. First, ensure that you are able to remotely access your NUUO Titan from the NUUO iViewer application. If you are unable to or have yet to set it up for remote access, please follow the instructions in the NUUO Titan NVR Remote Access iPhone article.

2. Now, open the NUUO iViewer app on your iPhone and connect to the live view.

3. Then, pull up the camera you would like to view playback on and click the Folder icon in the lower left-hand corner. Note: You can only playback video for 1 camera at a time on the iViewer app. (Shown Below)

NUUO Titan Remote Playback iPhone

4. Next, select the Time and Date you would like to playback. (Shown Below)

NUUO NVR Titan Remote Playback iPhone

5. Lastly, press the Play button to play the video. (Shown Below)

Remote Playback iPhone NUUO Titan