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Network PTZ Camera & NVR Software Setup

This video was produced to provide instructions on setting up a V96112 network PTZ camera with NUUO Network camera software

Complete Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series.  In this video we will teach you how to setup a IP network camera with NUUO network camera software. The camera that we will be using is the IP-V96112 PTZ camera. The NVR software and the installation wizard that comes with the camera have been pre-
installed on the computer that we will use for these instructions. IP surveillance systems purchased from CCTV Camera Pros come with the software installed for you.

Before we started, we connected a single IP camera to the network by plugging the camera into our router and powering the camera on.

Network PTZ Camera Setup

  1. Start by launching the IP camera installation wizard. After the wizard launches, the program searches your network for compatible IP cameras.
  2. Click on the next button in the lower right when it completes. The next screen will display the IP cameras that were found on the network.   In our case, just the one camera is displayed in the list.
  3. Click to highlight the camera that you want to configure and click the down arrow button to expand the menu.
  4. Click on the manual configuration button.
  5. On the first screen, you can configure the name of the camera, the administrator password, and the date. Click the next button.
  6. On the network settings screen, you should check the get IP by DHCP server automatically button and click next. 
  7. On the next screen, it is not necessary to enable DDNS for the camera unless you plan on directly accessing your camera over the Internet using a dynamic IP address. We assume that you will access all of your cameras through the NVR server interface instead of individually.
  8. Click on the next button, then click on the apply button. It will take about 15 to 20 seconds for the software to update your camera. If you are installing more than one camera, after this step is complete, you will repeat this process for all cameras that you are installing on your system.
  9. When complete, press on the OK button.
  10. We then exit the installation wizard.
  11. Next, we will open Internet Explorer to configure our router. In this system we are using a D-Link router. Type the IP address of the router into your web browser and press enter. You will be prompt for the router's login information.
  12. On the main router screen click on the setup link, then on the network settings link.
  13. Scroll down on the network settings page till you get to the DHCP reservation section. In the computer name dropdown list, select the IP camera that you setup with the wizard. All of the fields will be populated for you relevant for this camera.
  14. Click on the save button.
  15. When the screen refreshes, scroll down again on the screen to the DHCP reservations list to verify that the camera was added. This guarantees that your router will always assign the same IP address to your camera. Repeat this for all cameras on your system, then minimize your web browser.
  16. Next we will start the NUUO NVR software.
  17. Enter your userid and password for the system. The main screen then launches.
  18. From the main screen click on the configure button and select settings.
  19. Click on the camera tab, then click on the search button. The NVR software will search for compatible IP cameras on your network.
  20. Select the camera that you are adding to the system and press OK. The camera should appear in the window.
  21. Click on the camera settings button to configure the frame rate, quality, and resolution of the camera. You will repeat these steps for each IP camera that you are adding to the NVR system.
  22. Click the OK button when done. The camera will now appear in the main window of the NVR software. Click on the camera in the main window to select it. We can then use the pan tilt, zoom controls to move the camera that is selected. Please note that the video captured here is not an accurate reflection of the video quality that you will be able to view and record on the NVR system. Screen video capture software was used to produce this video which is much different than exported recorded video from the NVR itself. High quality video samples are available on our website.
  23. We will now minimize the NVR screen so that we can access more of the IP camera's configuration options. Not all configuration options for the cameras are available directly from the NVR software.
  24. To access the camera's configuration interface directly, we will open the installation wizard again.
  25. Select the camera that you want to configure from the menu then click on the down arrow button.
  26. Next click on the access information button.
  27. Then click on the access from home link which will access the camera on your local area network. Internet explorer will open and go bring you to the IP address of the camera. As you can see, can can also control the camera directly from this screen.
  28. Click on the configuration button. In this video we will not be reviewing all of the configuration options available but we do want to show how to set the low light setting and camera flip so that the camera can be ceiling mounted and the picture be right side up.
  29. Click on the video link on the left to access the video configuration screen. On this screen you can adjust between color and black & white, image resolution size, recording frame rate, and MPEG or motion JPEG video encoding.
  30. Click on the CCD settings button to access the CCD menu where you can adjust for different lighting situations. On this screen you can adjust the electronic shutter to be set for auto or to a specific speed. You can also enable low light mode and auto switching to black and white on night mode. You can also adjust for back light compensation and set the back light compensation area. As you make setting adjustments on this screen, you can click on the preview button to see what effect they have on your surveillance video.
  31.  If you want to keep the changes click on the save button.
  32. When you are done click on the close button. You will return to the main video configuration screen. Please note that this is where you can check the flip option if you are ceiling mounting your camera. When you are done, you can minimize or close your web browser and also close the installation wizard. 
We hope that you found this video useful to help you setup your IP camera for use with NUUO NVR software. The following equipment was used in this video:
  • One IP-V96112 PTZ camera.
  • A NVR recorder with NUUO IP camera software installed. A
  • DIR-825 D-Link wireless router.
If you have any questions about this video or anything related to IP video surveillance, please visit our website at or call us toll free.

Thank You for watching.