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LPR IP Camera Setup Installation for Zavio IP Cameras

LPR IP Camera

The Zavio B5210 and the Zavio B8220 IP cameras now support LPR (license plate recognition). CCTV Camera Pros uses this page to document camera setup, installation, and best practices related to the LPR capability for these cameras.

Exposure Setting for LPR

When one our our techs was setting up the ZAVIO B8520 for a customer for a license plate capture application, there was a lot of glare on the image. This was causing the license plate to be "whited out". We learned that cause of the glare was from the "Automatic Exposure" settings on the camera being to high. See reference image below.

License Plate Capture Setup

On the camera setting screen the automoatic exposure was lowered to 4.

LPR Images

Image Not Clear Enough for License Plare Capture

The above image shows what the video looked like before adjusting the automatic exposure setting.

LPR IP Camera Capture Image

This is the way the image looks after making the adjustment.

LPR Camera Installation

Please use these recommended best practices in order to plan a successful license plate capture camera installation. It is important to mount the camera so that the camera view width is 16 feet or less at the point where plates will be captured. License plate cameras can not monitor wide areas also capture small details like the numbers on a license plate. These are extremely important concepts to understand when planning a successful license plate capture system.

Horizontal Mounting Angle

HD License Plate Capture Camera Installation

LPR cameras should not be mounted at a distance to the left or right side of the viewing area at an angle greater than 15 degrees.

Vertical Mounting Angle

LPR Camera Installation

In order to capture the numbers and letters on a license plate, LPR cameras can not be mounted at height that creates an angle greater that 30 degrees. The less of an angle, the better, when it comes to license plate capture.

Image Capture Width

LPR Camera Installation Width

It is also important to plan the cameras field of view carefully. LPR cameras are not designed to capture a wide field of view. They are designed to monitor a focal width approximately equal to a single lane of traffic (about 16 feet). Because Zavio IP Cameras are at least 1080p HD resolution, you can go slightly wider than this in some cases (as long as the vertical and horizontal mounting angles are minimal).

The following guidelines should be used when installing this LPR camera.

  1. Mount LPR cameras so that the angle to the license plates is not greater than a 30 degree angle). The less of an angle - the better performance.
  2. Mount LPR cameras and adjust the lens angle of view so that the area of video capture is no greater than 16 feet wide.


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