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A Kids Guide to Criminal Justice

Kid's Guide to Criminal JusticeCriminal justice is when a criminal who breaks the law is tried for their action, and sometimes punished for it according to the law. There are various people who help the community by catching the people who break the law, putting them in jail, gathering evidence, and keeping them in jail.

The importance of solving cases and finding criminals is key to making the world a better place. Being prepared and safe while playing outside or in your home will allow you to grow up avoiding crimes and danger. Learn a little bit more about crimes, laws, safety, and many other issues by exploring the criminal justice resources below.

Health and Safety

  • Sparky: Informative site that allows learning of fire safety through game play.
  • NASAR: Informational article on the facts about search and rescue dogs.
  • CPSC: Fun games to find out more about various safety procedures.
  • Child Quest: Information on keeping children safe, and what they should know about staying safe.
  • Kids Fire Safety Tips: Information for children on how to stay safe around fire. Colorful pages with cartoon figures.
  • PBS: Cartoon Arthur teaches kids about the importance of fire safety, and the steps for fire safety.
  • Safe Kids USA: Information on safety for every particular area that there is.
  • Scholastic: Information and activities for children to learn the effects of drugs on the body.
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention: Information for students to learn the effects of drugs, and why you should not take them.
  • Kids Health: Information on preventing child abduction.

Science in Criminal Justice

  • The Thin Blue Line: Information on how to tell fingerprints apart.
  • Fingerprint Identification: How to match fingerprints, and identify them as well.
  • DNA: Information on the history of DNA.
  • Learn Genetics: Questions and answers on DNA and genetics.
  • Justice: Information on how DNA helps solve crimes.
  • Southern Hills: Information on drug, protection, cell phone, and bomb dogs.
  • Homeland Security: Information on deployment and training of bomb dogs.
  • Science News for Kids: Information on the forensic sciences in the law enforcement for kids.
  • Forensics: Information on finger printing, and the various forensic sciences used in law enforcement.
  • Science Spot: Neatly organized information on each of the sciences used in law enforcement.

Technology in Criminal Justice

Government Information

Additional Information

  • McGruff: Games, activities, and information on crime prevention for children and parents.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention: Information on how to prevent drugs in children.
  • NYS Troopers: Detailed information on crime prevention.
  • Crime Prevention Tips: Safety tips, crime prevention information, crime facts, and self defense information.

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