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IP PTZ Camera Video Demo

This video was produced to demonstrate the capability of CCTV Camera Pros IP-V97111 IP PTZ network camera.  The demo will show you the great pan, tilt, and zoom capability that this PTZ camera is capable of.  Network camera software was used to capture and then export the video for use on the Internet.

A windows media file version of this video can also be downloaded here: IP PTZ camera video.

Complete Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros PTZ camera demo.  In this video we will be demonstrating the video quality and zoom capability of the IP-V97111 IP PTZ camera.  A Network video recorder built by CCTV Camera Pros was used to control the camera and record the video.  NUUO NVR software was used for this server.  The surveillance video was exported to an AVI file in order to create this video.  The video was then published for YouTube and also as a windows media file. 

In this sample video, we will use the pan, tilt and zoom functions of the camera to focus on on three different locations to show the clarity that can be achieved at different distances and on different size objects.

We will first zoom in on the license plate of the car across the street.  The car is parked 85 feet away from the camera.  A preset location was programmed into the camera prior to making this video.  As you can see the camera moves to the preset location very quickly and adjusts the focus automatically.  At 85 feet away the license plate of the car is clearly readable.  The make and model of the car is was also able to be identified.  We now hit the home button to move the camera to its home location.

Next, we zoom in on the from door of the house across the street.  There is a snowman figure by the front door that can not be seen from this distance until you zoom in.  The front door is 125 feet away from the camera.

And again we return to the home position of the camera by pushing the home preset button within the NUUO NVR software.

Next we will pan the camera to the right a bit and then zoom in on the garage door so that we can see the address numbers mounted above the garage door.

Again the camera quickly moves to the location and adjusts the focus so that the numbers can be read.  This garage is 140 feet away from the camera and the numbers are three inches tall.

We slowly back the zoom away from the house and again return to the camera's home position.

The following equipment was used in this video: A V96112 IP PTZ camera and network video recorder / server built by CCTV Camera Pros with NUUO IP camera software.

If you have any questions about this video or anything related to surveillance system, please contact us on our website or by phone. Thank You for watching the video demo.