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Geovision Remote Internet Viewing from Multiple Locations

Chat TranscriptGeovision remote Internet viewing from more than one location is the topic of discussion in this email thread with someone that needed help.  This person was not yet a customer of CCTV Camera Pros, but we hope they will be soon.

Email Transcript from customer:

Hello Sir/Madam,
This is Sunny here from poughkeepsie NY. I have the Geovision camera security system in one of my stores. This is 16 camera security system. My question/problem  is that i am unable to see my store from my house. The remote access is not working. Let me explain you little bit more.....
I have the static IP address here. One system is in my office(in store) in which this system is installed this is working and the other system is on the counter(in store) and the router is connected to the system which is in office. when i login to the internet from the sytem which is on counter it starts working while at the same time when i login from my house i got the message on the screen that ACCESS DENIED YOU ALREADY HAVE THE CONNECTION AND if i logout from the computer on the counter then I can access my remote view from house it means i can access my store only from one location at one time but the guy who install the system he was telling there is something wrong with your internet connection but when i called the verizon tech support he said something with the system now i really dont know whats the problem.........
So i would like to request you if you can help me out from this problem........
NOTE: I can access my system but only from one location at one time  at the same time other location shows the message you already have the connection access denied. I the static IP address.
Thank You
Poughkeepsie NY

CCTV Camera Pros email response:


Thank you for contacting CCTV Camera Pros.  The problem that you describe sounds like you do not have the Geovision Webcam Server setup to handle more than one connection or you are not using the WebCam server and are possibly using the Geovision remote viewer which only supports one remote connection at a time.  Please follow these instructions to help troubleshoot this issue:
  1. Confirm that you are using the Geovision WebCam server.  Geovision is accessed remotely using Internet Explorer if you are using the webcam server.  If you are using the remote viewer, you would have installed a client application on your PC to access Geovision. You can follow follow our Geovision webcam server setup instructions to make sure you are using the webcam server.
  2. While configuring the webcam server, please confirm that you have the max channels set to an amount greater than one (1) on the Video tab.  See the below screen shot:

    Geovision WebCam Server Setup

  3. If you are also using audio surveillance in your system, confirm also that your audio is setup to allow more than one user by selecting the Audio tab in the webcam server setup.  Please see the below screen shot:

    Geovision Remote Audio Surveillance

  4. Last, if all of these are setup correctly and you are still having trouble, try acessing Geovision remotely using a different user ID to login.  If you need to configure an additional user for remote access, please refer to the Geovision manual.

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