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Geovision GV Control Center

Geovision Control CenterGeovision GV-Control Center software is an integrated security management system that provides an easy to use and handy tool to maintain central monitoring station operations of multiple Geovision surveillance systems. The GV-Control Center introduces a comprehensive solution that provides center operators with time efficiency to control networked GV-Systems and I/O devices.

Geovision Control Center Transcript:

Customer: Hi I am intersted in the GV-Control Center for Geovision surveillance systems.

Geovision Support: hi customer

Customer: does gv-control come with Geovision or is it an add-on application?

Geovision Support: do you mean the Access Control solution?

Customer: I am referring to this software package:

Geovision Support: let me review that one moment please

we resell Geovision systems and we have a Customer that was recommended this

Geovision Support: ok yes that would be the Control Center for central monitoring solution

Geovision Support: the Control Center will be an add-on software that you can install on your central PC to remote view and control your DVRs

Customer: does it come on the 8.2 DVD?

Geovision Support: no the Control Center Software will come in another CMS DVD

Customer: I see, so the 5 location version of Geovision Center V2 does not include this then? Only the 500 location version?

Geovision Support: we do have the 5 location central monitoring software included with your current v8.2 disk

Geovision Support: you can connect to 5 DVRs for free through that application but its function will be different from the Control Center.

Customer: I see. So the Customer: needs to upgrade to control center?  does this come on the same DVD as the upgraded center software or are these two different thinigs?

Geovision Support: the Center V2 and the Control Center are two separate software applications.  you can upgrade your current Center V2 from 5 connections to 500 connections

Customer: the Center V2 works with control center?

Geovision Support: For Control Center, once you purchased the software, it will not limit the connection to the DVRs. The Center V2 and Control Center can work in conjunction with one another.  Their features will complement with one another

Customer: Thanks for your help.  Should I place the order online or call you to place the order?

Geovision Support:  Please do whatever is convenient for you.  We do not work on commisions so anyone can help you or you can order online.

Customer: Thanks again for your help.

Geovision Support:  Thank You for visiting CCTV Camera Pros.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.