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Gas Station Security Camera System

The following Gas Station Security Camera System images were taken remotely over the Internet from Florida while helping a customer in New York  setup the Internet dvr viewer for his gas station and food market.   This customer can now watch his gas station when he is not there.  CCTV Camera Pros gets permission from customers while providing support to login remotely to their surveillance systems and capture screen shots so that we can show other customers the different situation that our surveillance equipment is used for.  We sincerely thank our customers for allowing us to use these images.

The following surveillance system equipment was used for this retail store:
These images show the software (DVR viewer) that comes with the 8 channel surveillance DVRs.   This software allows you to view your security cameras remotely over the Internet using a high speed Internet connection. The JPEG 2000 DVR used in this system is our best seller and is available in 4, 8, and 16 channel models.  View this DVR series here: Surveillance DVRs.

*Please Note:  The actual images are even clearer when viewed directly on the system. These images have been converted and compressed so that they could be posted to this web page.  Surveillance images that are viewed on location are always much higher quality than taken remotely over the Internet because of bandwidth / connectivity limitations.  The actual performance that you will experience with one of CCTV Camera Pros systems is even better than what you see here.  We guarantee it!

Eight Camera Surveillance System in New York Gas Station

DVR Viewer 8 Cameras
Click image for extra large view

4 camera security camera view

DVR Viewer 4 Cameras

Other 4 camera view

DVR Viewer 4 Cameras

Single Camera - Gas Station Island

Gas Station Pump Island Camera

Single Camera - Gas Station Cash Register

Cash Register Camera

This DVR viewer software is also capable of controlling PTZ cameras remotely.  You can also configure most settings on the DVR from a remote location.

Thanks again to our great customer in New York for letting us take these screen shots while helping them get their system setup for remote Internet viewing.