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How to Attach Compression F Connector & BNC to RG59 Coax Cable

This video shows how to attach a compression F connector and BNC connector to RG59 coax cable. Professional installers like to use compression tools to attach connectors to RG59 and RG6 coax because it is very secure.

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In this video I will demonstrate how to attach a BNC connector to RG59 coax cable for use in CCTV camera applications.

Let's get started.

On our bench we have all of the supplies that will be used.

First we have a piece of RG59 Siamese coax cable. This is the industry standard cable used in CCTV camera applications.

This is a compression F connector.

This is an F to BNC male connector.

This is a TL-33 coax compression tool.

This is a TL-22 coax cable stripper.

and last this is just a standard wire cutter.

First step is to use our cable stripper to strip the coax cable properly.

Place the RG59 in the TL-22 cable stripper so that around an inch is sticking out beyond the tool.

Then rotate the cable stripper around the cable 5 to 10 times until you no longer hear the tool cutting.

The TL-22 actually makes two different cuts in the cable. A deeper cut is made to strip away all layers of the cable so that only the core is left. You want to make sure that the deeper blade did not cut the core which will make it weakened. You also want to make sure that none of the copper braided is left touching the core.

The second cut only removes the outer plastic jacket and you want to be sure that all of the braided copper is left in place and not cut.

Once the cable is stripped properly, we must peel back the braided copper shielding. This is important. Do not cut or remove this cable. It is important to properly ground the cable.

Check again to confirm that no shielding cable is left touching the coax core.

Next, take the compression F connector and place it on the cable.

You need to be sure that the connector is placed all the way onto the cable so that the white insulator comes slightly through this hole in the connector.

Sometimes it takes a little twisting to make sure the connector is seating all the way on the cable.

Next trim the exposed core so that it is even with the end of the connector.

Then grab the TL-33 compression tool.

Seat the connector on the tool making sure that the cable core goes into the hole of the compression tool.

Then squeeze.

The F connector is now firmly attached to the RG59 cable.

Last screw the BNC connector into the F connector.

There it is. This is very secure way to attach a BNC connector to RG59 coax cable and probably the most favorite method among most professional installers.

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How to connect compression F connector to RG59

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