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CCTV Video Balun Setup

Chat TranscriptThe following transcript includes questions on how to setup CCTV video baluns and how baluns can be used with Cat-5 cable.  More information can be found here on CCTV baluns.

Support Transcript:

Customer: I want to use a video balun and cat5e cable to connect security cameras to a surveillance DVR.  I understand that I need one balun per camera correct?  Also, can I use two other wires in the cat5e cable to carry the dc power to the camera thus using only one cat5e per camera run?

Technical Support: yes you can do all of that with CCTV baluns

Technical Support: but you need a balun on each end

Customer: okay.  so which balun would you recommend and is there seperate connectors needed to interface the dc at teach end?

Technical Support: how far are the cable runs?

Customer: longest run would be under 200'

Technical Support: this one is fine then

Technical Support: Please look at this video balun.

Technical Support: for the DC power, you can use one of these on each end or the power.

Technical Support:

Technical Support:

Customer: that's very helpful.  how late are you open via chat?

Technical Support: another 1/2 hour. 11:00 EST

Customer: thanks.  this will get me started.  good evening.

Technical Support: you too. your welcome.