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Internet Firmware Upgrade for Viewtron CCTV DVRs

Viewtron surveillance DVRs (CCTV and HD-SDI models) support the ability to perform firmware upgrades directly over the Internet. Unlike most other DVRs on the market, there is no need to download firmware updates using a PC and copying the files from your PC to the DVR using a USB drive. Viewtron DVRs can check a master server for updates and download the software right from the DVR itself.

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Video Transcript

This video will demonstrate how to upgrade the firmware on Viewtron video surveillance DVRs from over the Internet.

Using the mouse that is connected to the DVR, click on the Home button, then select set up, then advanced.

On the system setup screen, click on the upgrade button.

On the upgrade screen, select the network radio button, then click on the search button to check on the latest firmware version that is available. Compare the latest version to the version that is currently installed on the DVR.

Select yes if you want to download and install the latest firmware.

It upgrade typically takes about 20 minutes for the firmware to download and install to the DVR. Once the download is complete, the DVR will automatically reboot. For more information about Viewtron CCTV DVRs, please visit

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Surveillance DVR Internet Firmware Upgrade

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