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How to Connect a Twist-on BNC Connector

This video demonstrates how to connect a twist-on BNC connector to RG59 and RG6 coax cable.

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This video will demonstrate how to connect a twist-on BNC connector to coax cable. The process is the same for both RG59 and RG6 coax cable types. We'll use RG59 in this video.

Here is the piece of RG59 coax cable that I'm going to use. I'm going to use a TL22 wire stripper. The inner blade is actually on the bottom of the tool, and if I insert the coax, so that the end is about flush with the edge of the tool, it cuts it to just the right length. I'll give it two or three spins around, and that's actually making two different cuts in the cable, which you'll see in a second. The top one strips away both layers revealing the inner core of the coax. The second cut just cuts away the rubber shielding and leaves the copper braiding. That's important. You'll need that.

Just peel that copper braiding back. Then, the perfect length from the core to the edge of the rubber casing that was cut is about 9/16s of an inch. That works out to be about perfect for the BNC twist-on connectors that we supply. You can tell if you push it on like that, you could just barely feel that inner mouth grab the core of the coax, that's how you know the length is just right. Again, 9/16th of an inch, I've tested a bunch of times, and that's about perfect. Push it on, and give it about nine or ten clockwise spins. You don't have to overtighten this. Actually if you spin it too much, you could damage the core. Just in [toward 00:01:45] gets to be pretty tough to turn further, and then give it a couple of tugs to make sure it's snug. That's it. That's a good connection right there.

To learn more about how to attach BNC twist-on connectors to RG59 coax cable and for additional information about the BNC connectors and wire stripping tool using this video, please visit Thank you for watching.

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