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Audio Surveillance Microphone Setup | Viewtron CCTV DVRs

Viewtron CCTV Surveillance DVR

Viewtron surveillance DVRs support recording audio from surveillance microphones. Most Viewtron CCTV DVRs support 4 audio inputs and have an RCA audio output. Users can associate each microphone with one or more camera views so that when an administrator is in a single camera view of a camera, audio can be enabled. Live audio surveillance can be heard on the DVR unit (when speakers are connected). In addition, live remote Internet audio surveillance and remote recorded audio playback is supported by the web browser DVR viewer application for Mac and Windows PCs. Users can watch live video and listen to live audio right from a web browser such as Firefox. The instructions below explain how to set up the microphones for audio recording on the Viewtron DVR as well as setup remote live and recorded audio playback. The video is synchronized with the audio and DVR administrators can set up the camera(s) that up to four audio mics are related (play together when viewing a single camera live or during playback).

Audio Surveillance Setup

  1. Connect your audio surveillance microphone(s) to the RCA ports on the back of your Viewtron DVR. (Shown Below)

  2. Now on the Viewtron DVR, select the Home button located in the lower left corner by using either the included IR remote control or a USB mouse. Then select Setup, followed by Advanced. (Shown Below)

  3. On the Advanced menu, select the Device tab (1).
    Then press the Audio button on the left (2).
    A pop-up menu will appear. Here you select which audio channels that you want to enable (3).
    Click OK once you have selected the channels (4). (Shown Below)

  4. Now while still on the Device menu (1), select the Camera button (2).
    Then under the Audio drop-down menus, select which channel of audio you would like to relate each camera to (3). This makes it so that when a user is viewing a camera live (in single camera view) audio can be enabled for that channel.

    Press OK to save the settings (4).

    Exit the menu by pressing the Close button (5).

Audio surveillance is now set up on your Viewtron DVR and users can listen to live audio locally on the DVR unit (when speakers are attached to the audio output) as well as remotely over the Internet from a web browser. Live remote audio works on both Windows and Macintosh PCs.

Remote Internet Audio Surveillance

Once a microphone is connected and the Viewtron DVR is set up for remote access, users can access the DVR remotely over the Internet from a web browser to both see their cameras live and hear the audio live. Below is a screenshot that was taken from a Mac PC accessing a Viewtron remotely via the Firefox web browser. Users can enable audio and adjust the volume using the controls noted in the upper right. Users must be in single camera view to enable audio.

Remote Audio Surveillance from Mac PC

Remote Internet Recorded Audio Playback

Users can listen to recorded audio when playing back video from the web browser DVR viewer. Users can enable audio in Search & Playback mode the same way as described above for live audio.

Recommended Audio Surveillance Mic

CCTV Camera Pros recommend the MIC-CCTV-02 surveillance microphone for use with Viewtron DVRs. This microphone is stand-alone, which means that it uses its own coaxial cable and power supply. This lets users position the mic anywhere they choose (not necessarily right in the vicinity of the camera that it will be related to). This gives installers a lot of flexibility.

Audio Surveillance Mic