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Arecont AV5105 5 Megapixel Camera Setup Video

In this video, we will teach you how to configure an Arecont megapixel IP camera to be recognized by a NUUO PC based network video recorder and IP camera software. The megapixel camera used in this video is the Arecont AV5105DN which supports H.264 video compression. The setup process is the same for all Arecont megapixel cameras.

Video Transcript

Welcome to CCTV Camera Pros video instruction series. In this video, we will teach you how to configure an Arecont megapixel IP camera to be recognized by a NUUO PC based network video recorder.

We will use the following equipment in this video:

Please follow these instructions:
  1. Connect the NUUO NVR and IP camera to the same network switch.
  2. The IP camera software that comes with the megapixel camera, as well as the NUUO surveillance software, have already been installed on the PC that we are using. If you have not already installed the software, please do this first.
  3. Start by double-clicking on the Arecont camera software on your desktop. The AV application manager opens.
  4. Click on the run button to start the camera installer application.
  5. Then click on the find cameras button. The megapixel camera that we have connected to our network is detected by the software.
  6. Select the camera and press edit selected. On this screen, you can assign the LAN IP address that you want to use for this camera.
  7. Click OK when done.
  8. Select the camera again and press the install selected button.
  9. You can now minimize this screen.
  10. Start your NUUO surveillance software if it is not already started.
  11. On the main console click on the config button and select setting.
  12. Next click on the camera tab.
  13. Then click on the insert button.
  14. Enter the name that you want for this camera along with the port number and IP address.
  15. Select Arecont as the manufacturer and AV5105 as the model.
  16. Click auto detect then click OK.
  17. You may see a warning message about administrator rights. Click Yes if you do.
  18. Select the camera from the list on the left. You should see a live preview of the camera on the screen.
  19. You can adjust some of the camera settings on this screen such as frame rate, quality, and compression codec.
  20. Press OK when done.
Here you see the Arecont megapixel camera on a live full-screen view within the NUUO main console. If we right click on the screen we can enable the digital PTZ controls, which allow us to zoom the image. Notice that zooming in the megapixel camera does not distort the image because it is such high resolution.

We hope that this video was useful in demonstrating how to configure an Arecont megapixel camera to be recognized by NUUO IP camera software. If you have any questions about this video or anything related to video surveillance, please contact CCTV Camera Pros.

Thank You for watching our video.