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HD CCTV Video Balun w/ Power, AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, 1 Passive Pair, BNC


Passive HD Video Balun

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The VB-HD5P is a passive video balun with power for HD security cameras (720p and 1080p AHD, HD-TVI and HD-CVI). These video baluns let installers use CAT5 cable instead of RG59 or RG6 coax cable for HD CCTV video and low voltage power transmission. The VB-HD5P comes as a pair for the transmitting and receiving end of your cable run. Installers connect their CAT-5 cable to each end of the VB-HD5P with a standard RJ-45 connector. You can see installation diagrams using these baluns here.

The maximum distance that can be achieved for video and power varies by the type of HD CCTV camera that your system uses and the resolution that you are transmitting. Please refer below.

Max Cable Distances

  • Up to 320 Meters / 960 Feet for AHD 720P Cameras
  • Up to 250 Meters / 750 Feet for AHD 1080p Cameras
  • Up to 450 Meters / 1350 Feet for HD-CVI 720P Cameras
  • Up to 250 Meters / 750 Feet for HD-CVI 1080P Cameras
  • Up to 250 Meters / 750 Feet for HD-TVI 720P / 1080P Cameras
  • Up to 320 Meters / 960 Feet for Analog CCTV Cameras (CVBS NTSC and PAL)

Max Power Distances

Example, if your camera draws 12V DC 100mA of power, these baluns can transmit the power up to 820 feet.

  • 100mA 12V DC - 250 meters / 820 feet
  • 300mA 12V DC - 100 meters / 328 feet
  • 500mA Camera - 50 meters / 164 feet

Balun Features

  • 1 Balun Pair
  • Compatible with HD BNC Camera Formats - HD-AHD, HD-TVI and HD-CVI
  • Compatible with Analog CCTV Camera Format - CVBS NTSC and PAL
  • NTSC / PAL Video Format Support
  • Transmits 12V DC and 24VAC power
  • Passive (non-amplified) / No Power Required for Video Transmission
  • Transient Suppression Protection
  • Male BNC Connectors
  • -22°F to 158°F Operating Temperature

HD CCTV Video Balun Installation

AHD HD-TVI Video Balun Wiring Diagram

The above diagram shows how to wire VB-HD5P video baluns to an HD surveillance camera, HD CCTV DVR, and individual 12V DC power supply. The CAT-5 cable connects to each of the baluns using a standard RJ-45 Ethernet connector. The 2.1mm female power plug connects to the male lead on the camera and the BNC connector also connects directly to the camera. On the DVR end, the BNC connector attached to one of the video inputs of the DVR and the 2.1mm male power lead connects to the 12V DC power transformer.

Video Balun Wiring with Power Supply Box

AHD HD-TVI Video Balun Wiring Diagram with Power Supply Box

This diagram how to wire VB-HD5P video baluns when a multi-camera power supply box is used instead of an individual power supply for the camera. The installer attaches a 2.1mm PT-3 power lead to the balun, then attaches the wires directly to the power supply box with its screw terminals.

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