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iDVR-PRO 960H CCTV Surveillance DVR User Interface Intro

This video introduces the new user interface of the iDVR-PRO CCTV / HD security camera surveillance DVRs from CCTV Camera Pros.

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iDVR-PRO 960H DVR User Interface

This video introduces the new user interface of the iDVR-PRO 960H DVRs. The menu of the 960H model iDVR-PROs can be accessed from hovering the mouse cursor along the bottom the the screen. This causes the menu to pop-up and the user can select where the want to go. The user interface on these DVRs is super easy to use. Please watch the above video foe a demo.

The user interface seen in this video is applicable to the following DVR models: iDVR-PRO4A, iDVR-PRO8A, iDVR-PRO16A, iDVR-PRO8H, and iDVR-PRO16H.

Video Transcript

In this video I'll introduce the new user interface for the iDVR-PRO 960H model surveillance DVRs. The new user interface is super easy to navigate whether you're using the USB mouse or wireless remote control that is included with the DVR. I personally prefer using the mouse. The user interface that you will see is applicable to 960H Model iDVR-PROs. The original D1 Resolution iDVR-PRO models have a slightly different user interface.

If you're on YouTube, I'll provide links in the video comments to the DVRs that this new interface is applicable to. You can also see these DVRs and request a demo by clicking a link on the bottom of this screen. Let's get started.

Here's a live view on the DVR, this is obviously the four camera view and if I mouse over the bottom part of the screen you can see this menu comes up and I can select any of the other grid views or single camera view down here. First I'll switch to the nine camera view and then the 16 camera view and notice when I move the mouse away from that bottom menu it automatically disappears and then when I point the mouse back down there it pops up automatically. I'll just show you some of the other views the DVR has like this one.

Then the next thing I'll show you is there is a digital zoom capability built into the DVR so if I select one of the cameras and go to a full screen single camera view and then click on the magnifying glass. I can digitally zoom into any area of the screen, I just drag this box over to where I want to zoom in and then use the magnifying glass in and out to go in and out digitally. I can jump to another camera by using this drop-down and same thing, just zoom in and adjust the box where I want it to be to digitally zoom in. Exit from there and bring up the menu again.

From this menu over here, you can access the system setup, the recording setup, the video search and playback as well as video archive features. I'll go over those in more detail in another video. I just want to show you what the rest of the menu system looks like, it's such a nice user interface that the iDVR-PRO has. Here I can go in and set up camera titles for each of the cameras, if I double click on each of the camera titles a virtual keyboard comes up and I can adjust the title there. Just close that out.

If I want to go in here I can set up additional users. Obviously you don't want everyone to have administrator privileges so you can setup additional users here that have less than admin privileges. If I go into the network section that's where the IP information and dynamic DNS is setup and auto port forwarding. In the system menu, this is where you can set up the time and date. There is a time server that you can sync with so you don't have to worry about adjusting for Daylight Savings, it automatically does that for you. This just gives you all the system information. The storage area will show you which disk drives are installed in the system. This is an H model so it supports five hard drives, actually we only recommend you going up to four but you can see I only have one installed in disk drive bay 3. Then it also supports external storage via eSATA. I don't have any of those connected.

In the event section, this is where you can set up your digital inputs and digital outputs if you want to use external devices to set off alarms or if you want to trigger external devices based on alarms. You can do things like set up a buzzer, set up a camera to come on display, email, an FTP. Each alarm sensor can be linked to a different camera and each one can be configured for buzzer, video pop up, OSD pop up, email alerts and FTP backup.

We'll just go back to the live view again and that's it for the overview. Again, we'll go over in more detail some of those things that you saw in the menu in other videos. This video will be too long if I do that.

Thank you for checking out this introduction to the new iDVR-PRO User Interface. In the near future, we'll be making videos that will cover the interface in more detail and show how to do things such as search through and play back recorded video, bookmark alarms and events, set up motion detection and alarm based recording and more. For more information about the iDVR-PRO CCTV recorders and to request a demo, please visit Thank you for watching.

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