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Camera Recording Setup for Viewtron CCTV Surveillance DVRs

This video shows users how to configure the camera recording settings for Viewtron CCTV surveillance DVRs. Users can individually set up the recording resolution, frame rate, and video quality for normal (continuous and schedule), alarm, and panic recording modes for CCTV and HD-SDI CCTV cameras.

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Video Transcript

This video will demonstrate how to configure the camera recording rules that can be applied to a Viewtron video surveillance DVR.

Using the mouse, I click on the home button in the lower left of the screen, then select setup, advanced. When the main setup screen opens, click on the record button. Then click record again.

The recording screen will be displayed and this is where you can configure the recording rules for each camera connected to your DVR. Each camera can have a unique configuration for normal, event, and panic type recording. Users can set the active recording mode of each camera to normal (which means continuous), event (which is triggered on motion or alarm), normal + event (which does both), by schedule, or off.

Users can also configure the resolution, quality, and frame rate for each camera and each recording type for that camera.

Notice when I save these settings, the total frames per second is updated on the top of the screen for that recording mode. This DVR is capable 480 FPS total recording on all channels. If I change the record settings to exceed the rate, the DVR lets me know by displaying a warning on the screen.

I need to adjust the frame rate that is exceeded in order to save my record settings.

When I am done, I click on the OK button, then close the record setup screen.

The green light in the upper left-hand corner of each camera view indicates that camera is on a continuous normal recording.

For more information of Viewtron CCTV and HD-SDI surveillance DVRs, please visit Thank You for watching.

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