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How-to Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR

How-to Connect IP Camera to DVR

A great feature of Viewtron 4K security camera DVRs is the ability to connect IP cameras and BNC cameras to the same recorder. Please watch this video to see a step-by-step setup. The BNC cameras are hard wired to the DVR using coaxial cable and the IP cameras connect to the DVR over an IP network by being connected to the same network switch or router. This concept is sometimes referred to as a hybrid CCTV DVR because multiple camera types are supported. Viewtron DVRs support older analog CCTV cameras, HD BNC cameras, and network IP cameras. The following HD BNC camera types are supported up to 4K resolution: AHD (analog high definition), HD-TVI, HD-CVI.

Viewtron DVRs also support the ability to change any of the BNC camera ports to support IP cameras. As an example, this 8 camera hybrid DVR model has 8 BNC video inputs, but it also supports 8 IP cameras over network connection. So, in reality it is a 16ch hybrid DVR / NVR. Let's say that you have already used the 8 IP channels, but you are not using one of the BNC ports and you want to add a 9th IP camera. You can switch one of the BNC ports to support the additional IP camera. This is a simple change to make in the DVR configuration.

Connect IP Camera to Hybrid DVR

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR

Watch this video to see how-to connect an IP camera to a DVR. Please note that the video does not cover the final steps of adding the IP camera to the DVR interface. You can find those final steps in the below instructions.

Setup Instructions

Here are step by step setup instructions.

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR

Using the USB mouse, click. on the main menu icon on the lower left, then select Settings.

Connect IP Camera to CCTV DVR

Next, click on the Camera link.

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR

Next, click on the camera signal link.

Connect IP Camera to 4K DVR

On the camera signal screen, you will see the default setting for all BNC channels is "Analog". Click the drop down and change this to "IP". You can see this being done in the above image to channel 4. When you are done, click Apply.

Connect IP Camera to hybrid BNC DVR

In order or the DVR to register this change, it needs to reboot. Click on the OK button to confirm. After the DVR reboots, you will be able to connect and additional IP camera to your DVR. Please note that the IP camera must be connected to the same network as the DVR in order to add it.

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR

After your DVR reboots, go back into the Manage Camera screen. You will notice that camera 4 is missing from the list. This is the camera that we switched to IP. If you have not already done so, make sure you have connected your IP camera to the same network that your DVR is on. Click on the Add Camera button in the upper right.

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR Step 2

The DVR will scan the local area network for all compatible IP cameras that it detects on the network. Click the checkbox next to the IP camera that you want to add. Then, click the Add button in the lower right.

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR Step 3

When you return to the manage camera screen, you should see the IP camera that you just added and the status should say connected. If the status is Offline, then click on the pencil icon and check that the correct password is entered.

Connect IP Camera to BNC DVR Step 4

Here is a live view of the IP camera that we added to our DVR.

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