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PTZ Camera Controls CCTV Test Monitor

PTZ Camera Controls for CCTV Test Monitor

The MON-IP7 and MON-HD7 are both have IP and CCTV camera test monitors that have built-in PTZ camera controls (Pan Tilt Zoom). In this article we will explain how to connect, setup and control an CCTV PTZ camera using this tester. You can learn more about the MON-IP7 test monitor here. You can learn more about the MON-7HD HD CCTV / IP camera tester here. They are basically the same produect except in addition to IP camera and analog CCTV cameras, the MON-7HD also supports HD security cameras (AHD, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI cameras). All other functions are identical.

The following PTZ Protocols are supported: Pelco P, Pelco D, YAAN, YAAN-0, YAAN-1, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin-FAST, Lilin-MLP2, Molynx, Minking A01, Fastrax, CBC, LC-NEW, WV-CS850, SONY-EVI, LG-MULTIX, DAT-SD, Vicon, VCLTP, DH-YTC06, Santachi, BOSCH OSRD, TeleEye DM2, HD600, Hikvision, Kalatel ASC, AD 168(M-D), Samsung SPD and SIEMENS.

How to setup PTZ Camera Controls

First connect the BNC Video and RS-485 of your CCTV PTZ Camera to the MON-IP7 test monitor. The RS-485 will use a screw down terminal to secure the cables. (Shown Below)

CCTV PTZ Camera Setup

Now on the test monitor, select the PTZ icon to display the PTZ Control menu. (Shown Below)

CCTV PTZ Monitor Setup

Then on the PTZ Menu, select the PTZ icon in the lower right portion of the screen. (Shown Below)

CCTV Test Monitor PTZ Control Setup

On this menu you will set the proper Protocol, Port, Baud Rate and Address for your CCTV PTZ Camera. These settings are typically displayed on the screen as the camera powers on. You can then set the speed of the pan and tilt by adjusting the Horizontal and Vertical Speed. (Shown Below)

Analog PTZ Camera Control Setup

You will now be able to control your PTZ camera using the Directional Arrows, Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons. (Shown Below)

MON-IP7 PTZ Camera Controls

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