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Lines of Resolution: A Surveillance Camera's performance is based on the number of horizontal lines that the chip in the camera provides. The lines of resolution determines the quality of the video the camera can produce. The higher the number of lines of resolution, the better the video quality is.



Black & White


330 Lines

380 Lines


420 Lines

470 Lines


480 Lines

580 Lines

Lens: The lens determines the field of view the camera provides. Lenses range from 2.8mm to 18mm on an average. The larger the lens size the farther it will view. The draw back to a 12mm or 18mm lens is that the horizontal view narrows to as little as 15 feet.




2.8 mm

10 feet

15 feet


30 feet

30 feet

6 mm

60 feet

20 feet

*Many of our customers require a standard fixed wide angle 3.6mm lens. They are designed to be installed in a corner, provide a 90 degree field of view, and provide effective surveillance in a 30 x 30 foot area. If you need to adjust the angle and are not sure when viewing a cash register or looking down aisles, we recommend a varifocal lens which you can adjust manually based on the angle and distance of the camera to the subject. For example, with a cash register we recommend a 4-8mm varifocal lens so you can manually adjust and capture the money, hands, and register close up. When in doubt, go with a varifocal adjustable lens.

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