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PTZ Security Camera & DVR Questions

Chat TranscriptThe following customer had questions about implemting a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera in on of our surveillance systems.

Support Transcript:
Customer: on a dvr system, can we mix and match different types of cameras such as a ptz cameras and varifocal cameras

Customer Support: Hi Alan.  Yes you you can mix and match PTZ and varifocal cameras in a system.  We can create a custom system for you with any cameras on the website.

Customer: can i get a quote for a dvr system with 3 varifocal cameras and a ptz camera?
Customer Support: of course.  With a stand alone DVR or Geovision PC based?

Customer: is there a way to hook up a single monitor to both a computer and the stand alone dvr?

Customer Support: yes, you can use an A/B switch box.  So if you have the switch set to A the computer will be displayed and B will display the DVR.

Customer Support: we have A/B switches.  I can include one with VGA cables in the quote.

Customer: ok  what kind of hard drives does the dvr use?

Customer Support: it comes standard with a 250 GB SATA drive.  so do you want the quote to be with one indoor PTZ and 3 varifocal box cameras like this one?
or did you have other cameras in mind?

Customer: just those plus 2 50ft cable and 2 150ft cable and 4 mounting brackets.

Customer Support: OK.  What is your email address?  I will send you a quote?


Customer: can i get the same quote but with only 4 varifocal cameras

Customer Support: yes..  for the PTZ camera, we have the indoor PTZ available in standard and day night capable. which should I quote you on? the day / night model is $100 more -- it has a sony ex-view sensor which is better and can see in lower light?

Customer: which one do you recommend?

Customer Support: if the area is always very well lit, the std one is fine.  if it is low light sometimes, better to upgrade.

Customer: i want one that can zoom in very close to view the currency from 9 feet high.  the lighting is well lit.

Customer Support: OK I just emailed you a quote.

Customer: how easy is to mount the dome camera?

Customer Support: what type of ceiling?

Customer: i was thinking of mounting it from the wall

Customer Support: if you want to mount it to a wall. I should change it to this one, because it comes with a wall mount:

Customer Support: it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Customer: ok

Customer Support: it is cheaper that adding the wall mount to that camera

Customer Support: let me update the quote.
Customer Support: updated and sent.

Customer: does that ptz camera come with a controller?

Customer Support: no, you can control it with the DVR though.

Customer: ok

Customer Support: do you want me to add the joystick?

Customer: so the joystick will just be plugged into the stand alone dvr system?

Customer Support: no. the joystick will be connected to the PTZ camera with 2 wires.  You can use cat-3, cat-5, or any type of paired wire.

Customer: so the camera has an Ethernet port on the back?

Customer Support: no RS-485 cable. it takes 2 raw wires.  you can use a pair out of a cat-5. no ethernet end.

Customer: do i need any special connectors?

Customer Support: no. raw wires plug into both camera and joystick (or DVR).

Customer: so does the dome camera use the same cabling as the varifocal cameras?

Customer Support: setup instructions here:

Customer Support: for the video yes, but for the controls, an additional pair of wire needs to be run.

Customer: ok

Customer Support: should I add the joystick?

Customer: sure and the A/B box.

Customer Support: ok. updated and sent

Customer: thanks.  can i also get the exact same quote but with just 4 verifocal cameras?
Customer Support: sure sent

Customer: what is the warranty on the system?

Customer Support: one year warranty.

Customer: after the one year warranty how much would it cost to repair or replace the cameras or system?

Customer Support: it depends on what goes wrong. if there was a lightning strike ad the DVR motherboard was damaged, it is about $200.

Customer Support: the PTZ camera is  a 2 year warranty

Customer: what about returns and RMA

Customer Support: RMA & returns Policy can be found here:

Customer: do i need a power supply box with these units? or do they just use a a/c adapter?

Customer Support: we recommend using the power supply that comes with the PTZ camera.

Customer Support: for the other cameras, you can either use an individual transformer or I can add a power supply box to the quote.

Customer: what about the verifocal cameras? does the quote contain the a/c adapter for the cameras?

Customer Support: the cameras include them.  if you want a power box, I can upgrade you for $49.99

Customer: is it necessary to have a power box?

Customer Support: you can use either the power box or the individual power supplies. with a 4 camera system the individual power supplies are common.  then you plug into a surge protector.

Customer: we were thinking of plugging a/c adapters into a APC unit.  which keyboard does the ptz camera use?

Customer Support: This one: PTZ camera keyboard controller.

Customer: thank you, you have been very helpful.

Customer Support: your welcome.  Let us know what you decide and if you have any other questions.