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Geovision GV-Data Capture / Point of Sale Surveillance

Point of Sale SurveillanceGeovision GV-Data Capture enables Geovision surveillance systems to monitor cash registers and point of sale operations.  The below support chat transcript covers questions that a customer had in regards to the capabilities and setup of the GV-Data capture box for point of sale security.

Geovision Chat Transcript:

Customer: How many point of sale (POS) systems does 1 data capture box support?

Geovision Support: Each data capture box supports one register, but you can connect more than one capture box to one Geovision card.  So if you goal is to have one system monitor more than one register, you can.

Customer: can a search be done with the data box for a specific transaction by the amount of the transaction?

Geovision Support: Let me check on the search capability.  Yes you can search for register transactions by amount and by the items contained in the transaction.  Geovision supports a pretty advanced search feature for point of sale.

Customer: Is there any other device that supports more than one pos?

Geovision Support: Geovision systems support more than one.  you just need one GV-Data capture per register.  You can have more than one GV-capture per Geovision system.

Customer: Will Geovision work with any type of register?
Geovision Support: The following registers are currently supported:
  • SAMSUNG 4615
  • CASIO TK-6000
  • CASIO TK-7000
  • FUJITSU ICL 4000
Customer: What's the difference between the old gv cards and the 1480?

Geovision Support: Depending on which software version you are comparing to, there have been many features added.

Customer: Which is the latest software version and the latest dvr card?

Geovision Support: These are the latest Geovision DVR cards.  The latest Geovision software version is 8.12, which ships with all of the cards that we supply and is installed in all of the geovision systems that we build and certify.

Customer: Does 480 fps mean that the picture will be like wathcing t.v (1480) and the 120 fps mean that the picture will be choppy on the 8.1 version on both cards?

Geovision Support: 480 frames per second with 16 cameras = 30 frames per second recording per camera. 30 frames per second is real time motion picture video quality.  15 frames per second per camera is still great quality but not full motion.

Customer: How can i tell if a gv card is a replica?

Geovision Support: I am not aware of any replicas being made but our cards are sold through an authorized geovision distributor, come in the official authorized factory box, and have Geovisions seal on the card.  We sell hundreds of Geovision cards and systems each year.  You can be guaranteed that the cards that we sell of genuine and come with a 3 year factory warranty.

Customer: do you sell the gv 1480 with combo card? how much?

Geovision Support: Here is a link to the GV-1480 combo card.  The cost is currently $1128.00.

Customer: Thanks for your time.

Geovision Support: Your welcome.  Please let us know if we can help further.  Have a great night.