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PTZ Camera Controller Setup

CCTV Camera Pros PTZ camera controller can easily be configured to work with our PTZ-92e001 camera by following these step by step instructions.  The instructions should be used as a much quicker and easier setup guide that the documentation shipped with the units.

Configure PTZ Camera

First, following these setup instructions to configure the PTZ camera.  This link will open up a new window so that you can easily return to this page to continue with the controller setup when you are done.

PTZ Camera Setup

Configure PTZ Camera Controller

Next, configure the camera controller by following these setup instructions.
  1. If you have not already done so, connect the video output of the PTZ camera (BNC connection) to your DVR or video monitor.

  2. Run the other end of your RS 485 cable to the PTZ controller and attach as seen below. *Note: The positive terminal on the controller is on the left.

    PTZ Controller RS 485

  3. Adjust the protocol and baud rate switches on your controller to match the pitcure below.

    PTZ Controller Protocol Settings

    Switches 1,2,4,5 should be set to the Off position.
    Switches 3,6,7,8 should be set to the On position.

  4. Plug in the PTZ controller into a power source using the power supply that the controller came with.

  5. Plug the PTZ controller into a power source using the power supply that the camera came with.

  6. After the camera initializes, type the following into the PTZ keyboard to gain control of the camera that you just configured: 0 (zero), 2 (two), CAM, ON  (in that order as seen below).  This tells your controller that you want to control camera ID #2 that your keyboard is attached to.

    PTZ Controller Connect Camera

    Important - Although we configured the address of the camera to be ID #1, your keyboard recognizes the camera as ID #2.  Be sure to increment your ID by one on the controller.  So if your next camera is ID #2, you will control this camera on your PTZ keyboard by initializing camera #3 by pressing: 0 (
    zero), 3 (three), CAM, ON.

    You should now be able to control your camera using your PTZ controller / keyboard.